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Upper Level Updates

DEVIL’S BACKBONE BREWING COMPANY: We’re transforming the 400 level of Capital One Arena with the introduction of Devil’s Backbone Brewing Company Outpost.  Brewed in the middle of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Devil’s Backbone Brewing Company is committed to taking their time to craft signature lagers like Vienna Lager, Trail Angel, Schwartz Bier and Eight Point.  Now their craft beers will be on-tap for our fans in a beautiful, wide open space that celebrates the DB commitment to great beer with great friends.


OVER THE TOP: Customize your favorite foods with Over The Top toppings and condiments at this quick-serve concessions stand designed just for you.

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Adding to our selection

In Phase I of our renovation, we introduced spaces like Topped, Federal Favorites Express, and our very popular Over the Top Self Serve Beer.  Together with our new destinations completing in the Summer of 2019, our upper level will have the perfect assortment of foods, snacks and beverages for every fan.