A Message From Ted

Capital One Arena is part of the heartbeat of Washington, DC.  In the 20 years since it was built, the arena has become one of the most iconic businesses in our city thanks to the incredible shows, concerts and games that have given us two decades of great memories in this building.  Last year alone we hosted 230 events and brought more than 3 million people through our gates.  For me, nothing is more important than delivering you those great memories.  My commitment to you as a fan is that you always walk out of Capital One Arena talking about the incredible time you had – and that you always look forward to coming back.

To continue to honor that commitment, I’m really proud that Monumental Sports & Entertainment is announcing an array of state-of-the-art upgrades to the fan experience at Capital One Arena as part of our $40 million dollar renovation investment.  This renovation will be entirely privately funded, and will ensure that the fan experience at Capital One Arena remains on the cutting edge.

As part of this upgrade, we are installing a brand new state-of-the-art sound system, new seats and cupholders and new digital displays and wayfinding signage, to make the arena easier to navigate.  We’re refurbishing the concourses with sleek new décor, building new lounges and clubs and renovating our flagship team store, which will now remain open year-round for fans.  We are bringing in new celebrity chefs like Cat Cora and Alex McCoy to amp up the dining experience – and more.

Capital One Arena is one of the few privately-owned arenas in the country, and we’re proud to make this investment to ensure that the arena — ranked 9th in the nation and 22nd worldwide among top-grossing venues with a capacity of over 15,000 by Pollstar in 2017 — remains a best-in-class facility.  The renovations will start at the end of the 2017-18 NBA and NHL seasons and will be completed for the start of the 2018-19 season this fall.

Sports is a unifier, and a source of community pride.  It’s a testament to the power of sports that, when investments like the one we’re making in Capital One Arena are made in a smart and strategic way, they can build stronger communities, too.  With these upgrades, Capital One Arena will continue to be one of the best home venues in professional sports – and a world class place to make our singular, shared goal of bringing championships to D.C. a reality.

We think you’ll love the new experience.  We can’t wait to show you around.  See you at the arena soon.

Ted Leonsis

Founder, Chairman, Majority Owner and CEO of Monumental Sports & Entertainment